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Black hardcoat anodized MakerSlide

   MakerSlide is due back in stock on 23 November 2015.   

We offer makers in the UK and the rest of Europe the sturdy, precise, simple and economical linear motion system designed by Bart Dring.  MakerSlide is an aluminium profile based on a commonly available T-slot extrusion, but with the addition of integrated V-rails.  This makes it both a linear motion system and a structural element, greatly simplifying the design of the machines based on it.  Previously, it was available only from Inventables.com in the US, at eye-watering delivery and customs charges.  Thanks to the success of the Ulule campaign by Harry Raley, the aluminium profile is now manufactured in the UK and sold in our store.


About Our Store


We usually take a few days to ship orders.  This is not because we're mean, but because this isn't our full-time job and our resources are limited.  Please bear with us.


Shipping is calculated at checkout.  It is less than £4 to the UK on most baskets under 1 kg.  Heavier or longer items, including MakerSlide, cost more.  Please ignore the bewildering array of choices, and simply select the cheapest option (it should be selected by default).  We reserve the right to use a different delivery service.


We also ship to most of Europe, as well as Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, and a few other countries.  Contact us if the store tells you a shipping method is not available.  Orders from outside the EU are not subject to UK VAT; the prices in your shopping cart will be updated automatically.  It's easier to order if you log in or register before you check out.  When checking out, the cheapest delivery option to your country should already be selected, but please verify.  That's usually also the best option.  For small weights, we try to use Royal Mail Airmail to save you money; there's no delivery time guarantee, but they aim to deliver in five working days.  Larger and longer items are sent by courier.  All "Parcel2Go" options are actually UPS, so don't shy away from them!  We like UPS.

If you are a company registered for VAT in the EU, please read this.


The store has a pretty good idea how heavy and how big the items are, so it's able to calculate the correct shipping charge.  Very occasionally, it's going to make mistakes.  If it turns out it's much cheaper to send you your stuff, we'll refund the difference.  If, however, the store grossly underestimated the cost, we'll email you and ask for more money.  This should happen only rarely, but we apologize in advance if it does (customers in Northern Ireland may be affected by this).  We're improving the calculator all the time.


Follow the progress of updating the store and replenishing our stock on our blog!


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or product suggestions!

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